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I’m back with another #fashionfriday. Next week I will be away on vacation, so the week of the 22nd I will be doing a special post on my vacation fashion, BUT for now enjoy the below. Hope you guys like it. I’m currently obsessed with jumpsuits (I got from my grandmomma; yea she rocks them and well!). If know me, you would know my style is very bohemian inspired (I mean with the hair and all πŸ˜‰ lol) I love greens, yellows, oranges and you’ll find these colors repeatedly in my closet. Oh and blazers, I think I have one in every color. It’s another obsession of mine πŸ™ˆimage image image

Jumpsuit (H&M), Blazer (H&M; I obviously love this store), Earrings (Baublebar; somewhat similar), Shoes (old,similar)







Yay to a new segment on the blog! (Cheering to myself) LOL Hope you guys like this. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more πŸ˜‰




I’m obsessed with anything yellow (from pastel to neon and mustard). I feel like this color just looks amazing on my skin tone and when I saw this skirt on sale online, I just had to buy it. The denim or chambray shirt, I believe, has been the item of the year. Denim is everywhere nowadays! I have been wearing this style since last fall and still loving it. I was going to wear this outfit with dark navy Converses I have, but since I was going to wok I decided to put on some black open toe lace up heels and I’ve been using this backpack this week (too lazy to organize a handbag).










Pleated Skirt (H&M), Blouse (Forever 21), Shoes (Rampage from DSW; similar); Backpack (Justfab; similar); Necklace (Old from Baublebar?; similar)



Saturday Brunch

The last brunch I went to was in celebration of my sister’s birthday at the end of April. This was on a Saturday.

Mason Jar

What can I say? Loved the style/decor and the food was really good as well.


  1. Ambiance
  2. Food
  3. Service


  1. Drinks
  2. Price

Southern cooking, yum! I had the red velvet waffle with crispy chicken, mac & cheese, and bacon to share. My sis had the Eggs mason jar. Hers was really good! Mine was good as well. The mac & cheese was OK and so were the drinks. The service was great. Our waiter was relaxed and attentive. I had bought a coupon from Living Social and sometimes it can feel like you’re not like the rest of the diners and the restaurant treats you differently, but this was not the case. I really liked this spot and would definitely go again for brunch. Oh and the music was good as well. It was not too loud where you couldn’t hear yourself, but not too low either. The price was a bit high. For the coupon we had two drinks (up to $10) and two entrees (up to $15), but with the added drinks and sides we had to pay an extra $30 something! That kind of threw me off since I’ve been to cheaper places with same quality. Overall, it was a chill and nice way to celebrate my sister’s 24th Birthday.


Rundown: (1-10)

Ambiance Food Service Price Total Grade
8 8 8 7 31 C+


Natural, Clear Skin

Chillin' with no makeup on
Chillin’ with no makeup on #shamelessselfie

I never suffered from acne when I hit puberty, but as a young adult in college, my face took a left turn out of nowhere. So many things can affect your skin, whether it be genetics or environment. I knew my issue was a bit of both. On one side there was my father with perfect skin (maybe got one pimple a year!) and the other side was my mother who suffered severely as a young woman with really bad acne. I was a late bloomer and with stress from college, bad food choices, and no water, I was bound to grow a crater face sooner or later. First, I thought I was allergic to drugstore makeup, so I threw all mine out and bought MAC products, but that wasn’t the case. MAC gave me excellent coverage, of course, but did not solve the problem underneath it all. It wasn’t until I decided to go natural with my hair that it only made sense to go natural with my face products as well, Duh, right! It’s been a bit over two years and I only get the hormonal break out or two, but never severe and always heals quickly. I wish I had a before picture to demonstrate the change, but you can see now that my face is not perfect, but it’s clear and manageable.

This may not work for everyone because everyone is different and react differently to different products. I have more oily skin/combination. I get a bit drier around my lips and under my eyes in the winter, but for the most part I’m oily.

First thing is first, WATER! H2O is your friend. Drink more of it. In college, my liquids were predominantly coffee on the weekdays and alcohol on the weekends. My water intake was minimal, but now I always have a water bottle at my side. Not only will it aid in clearing your face, but also you’ll see a difference in your hair and overall skin.

Secondly, look at what you’re eating. Our skin reflects what is going on inside our bodies. If your suddenly breaking out and you haven’t change anything in your skin care routine, then look at the food. I know that too much dairy causes me not only to be sick to my stomach, but also my skin breaks out and my eczema can flare up. I stay away from dairy because of this. I also know too many foods that cause inflammation (bread, pasta, rice, etc) can cause me to break out. My way of knowing whether or not I need to avoid a certain food is to see how my stomach feels. If my stomach is not feeling good, then I know my skin will reflect that.

Last, natural skin care! It’s rough to switch up to more natural products because they are not as fast acting as others or medication, but they are the best in that quick fixes are not always long lasting. I have been using more natural products for over 2 years and my skin has been consistent. Also, there is less of a risk to harsh reactions to natural products. Below is what I used the first year of getting acne-free skin:

Day Time Routine: (most of these can be found at retail drugstores, Ulta, Wholefoods, Vitamin stores)

  • African Black Soap (bar or liquid, but I used the bar for my face)
  • Witch Hazel (toner; no alcohol, unscented)
  • Day Cream (if there was sun I used this one, no sun I used this one)

Night Time Routine:

  • Face scrub (I’ve used different ones, Yes To Carrots, Tomato, and Grapefruit face scrubs. As well as Alba Botanica)
  • Witch Hazel
  • Aloe Vera (Aubrey Organics brand or Lily of Dessert; store in cool area) with oil (moisturizer; you can use jojoba or almond oil)

Once a week I would do some type of mask, I’ve used Bentonite clay and French green clay as well as other single packets from the Body Shop that I bought at Ulta.

Limited Edition Holiday 2014 Must Haves!

Like must have RIGHT now! I rarely like to buy anything limited edition because if I fall in love, then it’s a problem to replace it once it’s finished and I’m not that crazy to buy multiples for back-ups. However, this year there have been some items that I couldn’t just pass up and hope not to be too sad when I finish them up. Check these out, they may be just the perfect give for the makeup lover in your life:

IMG_3556 IMG_3555 IMG_3558 ?????????

Bobbi Brown (oh how I love my fellow Jersey girl <3)

I am a huge fan of the Bobbi Brown brand. I’m not particularly a highlight kind of girl because I have oily skin and I feel highlights tend to exacerbate the “oily” look, but everyone has been raving about the Bobbi Brown Shimmer bricks and the limited edition highlight powders, so I had to check them out for myself. Now these babies are going fast! I believe they are already sold out in most places, especially bronze glow, but I was able to get my hands on them here. These I am loving because even though I’m oily, these do not make me look greasy, but give me an amazing natural glow. I use this very cautiously and lightly so not to overdue it. I prefer the Bronze glow out of the two, but I think both of them are great. I know there is also a Pink Glow highlight powder, more of a rosey gold, that is probably still available and I believe more suitable for lighter skin tones. Go ahead and pick one up because it’s definitely a must have!

These swatches do not give these justice, but so you get an idea of how they look:

Top: Bronze Glow Bottom: Shimmer Brick Copper Diamond
Left: Bronze Glow Right: Shimmer Brick Copper Diamond



Colourpop cosmetics has released a whole holiday collection on their site, some with limited edition products and others with their best sellers. I had to pick up something. If you didn’t know already I love this brand. You can check out more of them here.

I picked up two shadow quads: Never Naughty and Nix the Nice

These are super pigmented, original colors. ❀

IMG_3548 Never Naughty (top to bottom, description per Colourpop): Sugar Plum – (Opalescent with a pink, violet and blue duo chrome finish / Satin Finish), Snow Flurry – (Dirty icy silver with multi-colored glitter / Metallic Finish), Dasher – (True lavender with pink glitter / Metallic Finish), Etiquette – (True royal blue / Pearlized Finish)


IMG_3550 Nix the Nice (top to bottom, description as per Colourpop) : Glitterati – (Icy silver laced with tons of gold glitter / Metallic Finish), La- La – (True rose gold / Ultra Metallic Finish), Hot Totty – (Hot cherry red / Pressed Pigment), Roulette – (True matte black / Matte Finish)

The Lip Bar & Melt Cosmetics

I have many lipsticks from the Lip Bar. One of my favorite, natural lipstick brand! They just launched their wine collection lipsticks. Now, the Lip Bar works with the seasons, so their collections are seasonal and only available for a limited time, but they do have a permanent collection as well. Check them out here.

I picked up the color Noir from their wine collection and Bourbon Blues from a previous collection that was brought back. I have nothing like these in my lipstick collection, so I was super excited to try them out.

Melt Cosmetics released the limited edition lipstick in Dark Room, which unfortunately I just found out is SOLD OUT! Not sure if they will be bringing some back, but either way I had to mention this one because it’s a beautiful color! You can check out their other lippies here.


Left top: Noir (dark purple – The Lip Bar) Left bottom: Bourbon Blues (dark blue – The Lip Bar) Right top: Dark Room (beet red – Melt)

Happy Shopping!


Disclosure: All products were bought with my own money. I am not getting compensated for these reviews.



Beauty Rave : Monthly Fave (October)

Welcome to the new and improved blog!

I know I’m a bit late but for my first post, I wanted to share with you something I have been loving for a while, but especially this past month.

FYI: I will be doing these Beauty Rave : Monthly Fave posts every month with a beauty-related product that I have been obsessed, in love, infatuated with (you get the picture) πŸ™‚

My first ColourPop cosmetics purchase was back in July. I ordered a few eye shadows after I saw CoffeeBreakwithDani’s review on YouTube. I just had to buy the eye shadows to experience first hand how great they are and let me tell you, these eye shadows are like no other. Not only are they unique in packaging, but also in texture and they have a huge variety of colors to choose from. In September, I ordered a new product they launched, lippie stix and pencils. Their eye shadows are so good, why not try their lip products, right? Well, the lip products are just as amazing. Long lasting, excellent finish, opaque, and non-drying lippie stix and matching pencils. Below are the products I have by ColourPop with swatches and makeup looks I have created using their products. I recommend at least getting $30 dollars worth of their products to try out (each product is ONLY $5!! and if you spend $30 you get free shipping). They are definitely a cosmetic company to watch out for. They also just launched their Holiday Collection and I’m already going crazy in analyzing which set (or sets!) I want.

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