Getting Ready for the Holidays #hairtotoe #skincare

Happy Holidays and Welcome Winter!

If you don’t know, I already have a post on how I got my skin to be clearer and combat adult acne (here). Check it out! This post is to let you guys know of new products I’ve been using and how I prep my face for flawless makeup application. Christmas is near, New Year’s not too far, and we need to have our makeup poppin’ for the holidays LOL.

Remember I have combo/oily skin. Winter is my fave for my skin because I’m less oily (on the face at least). Depending on how cold it gets, I may get some dry patches around the nose and mouth, but nothing too crazy. Here’s what I have been using lately:

Morning Routine

Night time Routine

Under eye creams – I don’t have a favorite yet, but I have been using these:

  • Bobbi Brown is luxurious and I have only used samples that I get when I buy my BB cream at the Macys or Nordstrom counter. Never can get myself to buy the full bottle!
  • Yes to Blueberry – I used this one at night time for the most part. It hydrating and nice, but I have not noticed a huge difference.
  • Yes to Grapefruit – I have deep, dark circles and bought this to see if it would help. It’s hydrating and smells yummy (like Grapefruit) but I still have deep, dark circles.

Before applying makeup – I usually prep my skin the night before. I do my night time routine but add a mask. I like to use something that’s going to minimize my pores and cool down the skin. If I don’t have time or forget the night before. I usually do my night time routing and add the mask about an 1 hour prior to getting ready to apply my makeup.

Removing applying makeup– This is the worst part of the day. It’s so frustrating especially when you take forever to do your best makeup and it still looks good. This step is necessary. In the past, whenever I was too lazy to remove my makeup, I notice I would get build up, pimples, and extremely oily skin. I cannot go to bed without at least using a makeup wipe. Here are the items I use:





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