Saturday Brunch

The last brunch I went to was in celebration of my sister’s birthday at the end of April. This was on a Saturday.

Mason Jar

What can I say? Loved the style/decor and the food was really good as well.


  1. Ambiance
  2. Food
  3. Service


  1. Drinks
  2. Price

Southern cooking, yum! I had the red velvet waffle with crispy chicken, mac & cheese, and bacon to share. My sis had the Eggs mason jar. Hers was really good! Mine was good as well. The mac & cheese was OK and so were the drinks. The service was great. Our waiter was relaxed and attentive. I had bought a coupon from Living Social and sometimes it can feel like you’re not like the rest of the diners and the restaurant treats you differently, but this was not the case. I really liked this spot and would definitely go again for brunch. Oh and the music was good as well. It was not too loud where you couldn’t hear yourself, but not too low either. The price was a bit high. For the coupon we had two drinks (up to $10) and two entrees (up to $15), but with the added drinks and sides we had to pay an extra $30 something! That kind of threw me off since I’ve been to cheaper places with same quality. Overall, it was a chill and nice way to celebrate my sister’s 24th Birthday.


Rundown: (1-10)

Ambiance Food Service Price Total Grade
8 8 8 7 31 C+



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