Limited Edition Holiday 2014 Must Haves!

Like must have RIGHT now! I rarely like to buy anything limited edition because if I fall in love, then it’s a problem to replace it once it’s finished and I’m not that crazy to buy multiples for back-ups. However, this year there have been some items that I couldn’t just pass up and hope not to be too sad when I finish them up. Check these out, they may be just the perfect give for the makeup lover in your life:

IMG_3556 IMG_3555 IMG_3558 ?????????

Bobbi Brown (oh how I love my fellow Jersey girl <3)

I am a huge fan of the Bobbi Brown brand. I’m not particularly a highlight kind of girl because I have oily skin and I feel highlights tend to exacerbate the “oily” look, but everyone has been raving about the Bobbi Brown Shimmer bricks and the limited edition highlight powders, so I had to check them out for myself. Now these babies are going fast! I believe they are already sold out in most places, especially bronze glow, but I was able to get my hands on them here. These I am loving because even though I’m oily, these do not make me look greasy, but give me an amazing natural glow. I use this very cautiously and lightly so not to overdue it. I prefer the Bronze glow out of the two, but I think both of them are great. I know there is also a Pink Glow highlight powder, more of a rosey gold, that is probably still available and I believe more suitable for lighter skin tones. Go ahead and pick one up because it’s definitely a must have!

These swatches do not give these justice, but so you get an idea of how they look:

Top: Bronze Glow Bottom: Shimmer Brick Copper Diamond
Left: Bronze Glow Right: Shimmer Brick Copper Diamond



Colourpop cosmetics has released a whole holiday collection on their site, some with limited edition products and others with their best sellers. I had to pick up something. If you didn’t know already I love this brand. You can check out more of them here.

I picked up two shadow quads: Never Naughty and Nix the Nice

These are super pigmented, original colors. ❤

IMG_3548 Never Naughty (top to bottom, description per Colourpop): Sugar Plum – (Opalescent with a pink, violet and blue duo chrome finish / Satin Finish), Snow Flurry – (Dirty icy silver with multi-colored glitter / Metallic Finish), Dasher – (True lavender with pink glitter / Metallic Finish), Etiquette – (True royal blue / Pearlized Finish)


IMG_3550 Nix the Nice (top to bottom, description as per Colourpop) : Glitterati – (Icy silver laced with tons of gold glitter / Metallic Finish), La- La – (True rose gold / Ultra Metallic Finish), Hot Totty – (Hot cherry red / Pressed Pigment), Roulette – (True matte black / Matte Finish)

The Lip Bar & Melt Cosmetics

I have many lipsticks from the Lip Bar. One of my favorite, natural lipstick brand! They just launched their wine collection lipsticks. Now, the Lip Bar works with the seasons, so their collections are seasonal and only available for a limited time, but they do have a permanent collection as well. Check them out here.

I picked up the color Noir from their wine collection and Bourbon Blues from a previous collection that was brought back. I have nothing like these in my lipstick collection, so I was super excited to try them out.

Melt Cosmetics released the limited edition lipstick in Dark Room, which unfortunately I just found out is SOLD OUT! Not sure if they will be bringing some back, but either way I had to mention this one because it’s a beautiful color! You can check out their other lippies here.


Left top: Noir (dark purple – The Lip Bar) Left bottom: Bourbon Blues (dark blue – The Lip Bar) Right top: Dark Room (beet red – Melt)

Happy Shopping!


Disclosure: All products were bought with my own money. I am not getting compensated for these reviews.




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