Beauty Rave : Monthly Fave (October)

Welcome to the new and improved blog!

I know I’m a bit late but for my first post, I wanted to share with you something I have been loving for a while, but especially this past month.

FYI: I will be doing these Beauty Rave : Monthly Fave posts every month with a beauty-related product that I have been obsessed, in love, infatuated with (you get the picture) :)
My first ColourPop cosmetics purchase was back in July. I ordered a few eye shadows after I saw CoffeeBreakwithDani’s review on YouTube. I just had to buy the eye shadows to experience first hand how great they are and let me tell you, these eye shadows are like no other. Not only are they unique in packaging, but also in texture and they have a huge variety of colors to choose from. In September, I ordered a new product they launched, lippie stix and pencils. Their eye shadows are so good, why not try their lip products, right? Well, the lip products are just as amazing. Long lasting, excellent finish, opaque, and non-drying lippie stix and matching pencils. Below are the products I have by ColourPop with swatches and makeup looks I have created using their products. I recommend at least getting $30 dollars worth of their products to try out (each product is ONLY $5!! and if you spend $30 you get free shipping). They are definitely a cosmetic company to watch out for. They also just launched their Holiday Collection and I’m already going crazy in analyzing which set (or sets!) I want.

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